Michael Phoenix Heart
Shaman, Psychic Medium
Channeler, Herbalist, Occultist, LMT, Alchemist, Lecturer, Reiki Grandmaster, Theurgist, Magician, Life coach
Initiate of the Order of Melchizadeck.
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          About Michael Phoenix Heart


Michael comes from a lineage of Psychic mediums, and shamans. He has studied shamanism, the occult, and many other spiritual traditions for over 20 years, and has undergone multiple apprenticeships and Initiations. He is also a LMT  And a certified herbalist, specializing in Chinese and western herbalism for modern day ailments.

In 1994 Michael had a near death experience from a traumatic car accident were he crossed over and was given knowledge from spirits and Dakini (angels) known beyond this life.
He began to study the occult, Esoteric wisdom's and spiritual phenomenon. He left home at 18 to go on a seven year long “walk about” hitchhiking, Backpacking, and traveling around the US, Canada, and South America. During this time he spent time in Buddhist monasteries, visited sacred sites, studied with sages and yogis, and sat in ceremonies and receive knowledge, initiation and prophecies from elders of multiple different tribes, Traditions, and Cultures.

He has spent many years in meditation and isolation living off the land and with nature, meditating and using the techniques that were passed to him from his mentors.
Now he lives in upstate new York in the country were he teaches, does Readings, Healing sessions, and writes.
Michael's blend of earth based knowledge, holistic living, personal experiences and dozens of teachers is wrapped into everything he does. Rather it be one of the many healing modalities he employs, Wisdom he imparts through his readings and consultations, Ceremonies Or his writings and workshops. He is a wealth of knowledge on many subjects. Michael makes it his mission to spread these ancient teachings imparted on him to all who have an open heart and mind and are ready to listen.
Michael continues to work with mentors, masters, and teachers from all over the world to further his knowledge.