Michael Phoenix Heart
Shaman, Psychic Medium
Channeler, Herbalist, Occultist, LMT, Alchemist, Lecturer, Reiki Grandmaster, Theurgist, Magician, Life coach
Initiate of the Order of Melchizadeck.

     Psychic Reading

In a Psychic Reading, I use my psychic abilities and my connection to Creator to tap into you and the spirits around you to see what is going on in your life. You will always get honest truthful spiritual guidance. I never compromise the truth, even to tell people what they may think they want to hear. That doesn't help anyone. I hope that what comes out will be helpful to you and is what you are hoping for depending on the subject matter, but it may not be. Sometimes you may need to hear another side to a situation so that you can make a better decision. I can tap into the root of what is going on, and the people and spirits around you, to see where things are heading on your current path. Your guides will come through to help you make decisions and see what you need to look out for along the way.

      Email Readings

These Readings are provided  for folks that need some answers but do not have the time or the funds for a full face to face reading with me. 
  Here i use a specialy developed oracle gave to me through comunication from the spirits i work with.
  I use it and my abilitites to give you the quick intuitive knowladge that you need.

Medium Reading

This reading is specifically for connecting to passed loved ones and spirits. There are many ways that a medium can do readings, Trance and altered states, allowing a spirit to "borrow" your consciousness for a period of time. Or listening to a spirit and relaying the information. Mostly I just listen, as the other two forms are very intense for people to witness and it is extremely taxing on the medium. I will communicate with your loved one and relay the information to you. We will talk about what they are saying and there will be "markers" as i call them that let you know that it is YOUR loved one. This comes in information that I wouldn't know, like items they may have owned that were dear to them, ways in which they passed, sense of humor they carried, songs, family history, habits, and even things you may not have known. I do this together, with you, through a conversation to validate the information that comes through, so that you can tell that I am talking to your loved one in real time.


 Chart for Evolution of the soul

Here I use a mix of Western, Eastern, and shamanic astrology to look at your life and the progression of your personal Spiritual Evolution.

I provide feedback on what difficulties you may face and areas to heal  to open up the path more effortlessly for your spiritual attainment.

Akashic Record Reading


This Reading is specifically for past lives. The Akashic records also known as the book of life. Is a living stream of information were all the moments of a persons past lives, current life and future life are all recorded.
I can enter this stream and tell you some details of your past lives, and some information on the karmas of your current life. Most people ask for these readings for the curiosity of what there past life was. This is also a great way to find out what is currently blocking your purpose and path.

     Distance Healing 

The ancients knew that we exist not only in the physical body but also in more subtle planes of existance. Much like electrons, frequencies and filiments of light.  (Which all make up some part of us)
Even though we cannot see them with the naked eye.  Science has observed this to be fact it is no longer a theory. 

Because of this knowledge and the practices of the ancients bestowed on me by my Mentors that received techniques from their mentors and so on. I have ways to access these subtle realms of existence and create healing, and change which trickle down and create physical, emotional, and even psychological healing and ease.

all you need is a quiet place to lay down uninterrupted.

​All healings must be set in advance.

This session is priced per half hour

  Exstensive personal session

This is for those who I may work with that need or want  more than just one service that I offer.  Here I use combinations of my trades.
For, A personal clearing, Healing, Reading and personal coaching all in one.

        Soul retrieval

This is a service that helps retrieve parts of you lost from traumas, retrieving these pieces brings back your personal power makes changes to your character and helps you build new stronger boundries

For more info go to my blog/vlog on soul retrievals

   Elemental soul work

This is much like soul retrieval work, in the underworld were the soul and psyche merge everything has a life. How you view relationships, how you view money, the relationship between you and your work will actually take on a life form, it could look decrepid or healthy. I work directly with these things and change them from poisons or ill forms to positive healing forms

 Banishments,Protection &                      Exorcisms.

This is a service only done in person. this is to banish a person or property of evil spirits, Hexes,curses, or possession.

All Cases are subject to change depending on the nature of the work.

       All Readings* can be done Via Skype, FB Video messenger, or in person.
                                                        *Exept Email Readings
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